The funniest part of the article to which I shall shortly link is the following sentence:

“The one thing with Bush, the one thing you don’t do with him is double-talk him. You tell him what you think.”

Oh, really? As has been established in the thinking corners of the ‘insurgent media’— including here at the Church– the Bush administration has gone well out of its way to prevent it’s ignorant figurehead from hearing what people actually think of him and his policies.

Anyway, sending professional liar and poster child for hubris Condi Rice around the world as it’s representative pretty much says it all about the Bush administration’s credibility vacuum. If she snubs you, you can be sure you’ve done something right. Kudos to Canada!

Rice delays trip to Ottawa over missile snub

(On a tangentially related note: a few days ago, it came to my attention that rising Dem star Sen. Barack Obama voted to confirm Rice as Uncle Tom Powell’s successor. I had a measure of trepidation about casting my vote for Obama in Nov. 2004, and this action– along with his vote in favor of the Bush administration’s ‘tort reform’– has demonstrated that I should have paid heed to my misgivings. Is it too late to rescind my vote and give it to Nancy Skinner? Oh, well…)

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