The really sad thing is, I know some people who will see coverage of the following on TV (I don’t think they’re likely to read about it on the internet) and think that it is a good thing.

Unusually tight security this time around

by Joan Lowy

… Parade performers will have security escorts to the bathroom, and they’ve been ordered not to look directly at President Bush or make any sudden movements while passing the reviewing stand…

I saw footage of the protest of Bush’s first inauguration long before I saw a clip of it in Michael Moore’s “Fahrenheit 9/11.” If you follow the provided link (video here), you’ll see more of what you saw in “Fahrenheit.” You’ll also see, if memory serves, plainclothes law enforcement agents– in the spirit of Richard J. Daley’s Chicago Police— “preserving disorder.” I think the Bushies are not at all afraid of terrorist attacks. All the hardware and the goons infesting D.C. will be for the purpose of intimidating and muscling out any visible protest from the vicinity of the Bushies’ high-priced political circle-jerk.

As they have been in the entire U.S. since 9/11/2001, the Bushies’ machinations and accoutrements of ‘security’ for the 2004 inauguration will have very little to do with protection of life and limb, and everything to do with maintaining the laughable pretense of unity and harmony in Bush’s Merrka. As Bob Harris puts it, “maybe they’re just afraid people will see the emperor’s new clothes.”

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