While I’m certain that it isn’t anything close to a utopia, Canada is looking better all the time. I mean, you just have to love a place where the politicians occasionally speak the plain truth:

…In August 2004, MP Carolyn Parrish (at the time a Liberal, now Independent), said Canada should not join “a coalition of the idiots” who support missile defence…

CBC News Indepth: Ballistic Missile Defence

Also, it looks like their government might actually respond to the will of the electorate, and not jump headlong into one of the Bushies’ insane world domination schemes:

CBC News: Canada poised to join missile project before 2004 election: documents

Perhaps the Canadians are taking to heart their recent, painful experience with the meaning of an old saying (“If you lie down with dogs, you’ll come up with fleas”):

CBC News: U.S. pilots took amphetamines before ‘friendly fire’ incident

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