As a lazy, largely unmotivated person, I have developed a deep appreciation for the speed at which knowledge can be passed along over the internet. I don’t need to walk a mile to the library and toil through books and microfiche in order to dig up historical information or old news reports. Everything is at my fingertips, and I need only to use my brain to find it.

With this ability to transfer information, one might think that it would be harder for the masses who are connected to the web to remain ignorant. Unfortunately, one would be dead wrong for thinking that; such an assumption grossly underestimates the overwhelming force and savage tenacity of human stupidity.

Human stupidity is hard at work in the right-wing Mordor of the web, and you don’t have to look very far to find it. (Take a look at this sample, which I found by way of Tom Tomorrow and Atrios.) Even with accurate and very plausible knowledge at their fingertips, somehow the wing-nuts manage to remain locked in their crammed, frothing septic tank of feral ignorance.

This curious– and frightening– dynamic explains how a simple error in judgment became one of the biggest stories in the run-up to the 2004 U.S. presidential (s)election. If you want to know how the obvious truth of an issue got swamped by unsubstantiated allegations of forged evidence of that already-proven truth, then look no further than the following article:

Blog-Gate by Corey Pein

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