If you have at least half of a working brain, and you have been hearing any of the publicly ubiquitious hullabaloo about Social Security, then you and I have probably come to a similar conclusion. Those who advocate for ‘privatization’ are the same free-market worshipping lunatics who have advocated the disastrous ‘privatization’ of things like water. What usually happens when these people get a hold of something is that a relatively small number of people get fantastically rich(er), and most everyone else suffers to some degree. The pipe dreams of ‘efficiency’ and ‘better management’ evaporate before achieving recognizable opacity.

So what do you think will happen when the Bushies’ profiteering buddies get their grubby little paws on FDR’s youthful, imperfect, but still rather effective baby? Keep in mind that we’re talking about the Enron crowd, who illegally engineered an energy crisis that brought one of the world’s leading economies (the state of California) to its knees for a time, and laughed all the way to the bank even after being caught. We’re also talking about the Halliburton type, the namesake of which has its former honcho pulling the strings in the White House, including starting a phony war so that his ‘former’ business (and others like it) could make scads of money without any meaningful oversight in place.

Before we go any further with the “who” of the Social Security scam, let’s look at the “what” for a moment. The ostensible crisis has to do with how much money of the fund will be available for today’s young workers when they hit retirement age. Correct me if I’m wrong, but this has to do with a money supply problem. Why, then, does the proposed solution involve how these potential retirees will invest their payments? If the problem is that not enough is being paid in, how the hell could anyone suggest that taking away from that pay-in– and diverting the money in less secure directions– is a solution?

The answer to this question leads us back to the “who” issue. If you take a long, hard look at the types of people who voice public support for this proposed theft of the commons, you’ll find that very few, if any of them, are the kinds of people who’ll be depending on Social Security by the time they hit their golden years. They undoubtedly expect to be rolling in all the dough they made off the vulnerable saps who were hoodwinked into their large-scale Ponzi scheme.

An old English saying goes something like this: “Steal a sheep from the Commons and be hanged; steal the whole Commons and be made a Lord.”

Following are a few pertinent links for you to peruse:

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