The Republicans are good at pushing very simple versions of what I like to call “Garden of Eden lies.” They take infinitesimal truths and gild them with layers of falsehood and distortion, then sell them with a crusader’s zeal. The Democrats, I think, should start countering by being brutally honest about not only their opponents, but also about their own policies. I think many people will choose to remain politically stupid, but the majority will eventually come around.

The snag to this suggestion is that I believe the Democrats, by and large, are whoring for the same big-money pimps the Republicans are gleefully servicing. Since the success of Nixon’s Southern Strategy, though, the Dems have done it while being polite to gays and coloreds. As far as their other putative core values (social welfare, the environment, labor, etc.), the Dems have steadily been bullied toward the right by the Republican juggernaut.

Aside from their socially progressive window dressing, the Democrats have been busy converting themselves into old-fashioned conservatives. This is why the Democrats get a frog in their throat every time the Republicans attempt to foist some new insanity onto the public; the Dems don’t want to anger their pimps or get busted by vice.

This situation reminds me of the whole pre-WWII Neville Chamberlain myth. Chamberlain didn’t ‘appease’ Hitler because he didn’t have backbone. Chamberlain, and most of the old British imperialists, didn’t think Hitler’s Germany would dare do to Europe what Britain had been doing to the brown people in her own colonial holdings. As a result, they didn’t risk drawing vital military resources away from minding the colonial store in order to face down the threat of the Third Reich. The Democrats, similarly, won’t roll up their sleeves and brawl with the Republicans because they’re afraid, not of being defeated, but of being forced to show their whore license to a public still clinging to the illusion of our two-party system’s democratic viability.

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