Gay couple’s sons anger Catholic parents

I don’t know any of the “Catholic parents” in question personally, so there’s no telling if all of them are up to snuff according to the strictest interpretations of Catholic doctrine. However, if my experience with some other ‘devout’ Catholics is any guide, then at least some of them are likely squawking over the gay couple’s adopted kids not because they think Jesus wouldn’t approve, but because homosexuality threatens them and they don’t want their little homophobic community infested with even the adopted children of gays.

I’ve seen this before. For example, I know one right-wing Catholic who would just as soon see all ‘faggots’ taken out and shot, but who has had little moral difficulty with cheating on his wife on multiple occasions. Homosexuality detestable; adultery and drunkenness not so bad.

This sort of thing isn’t limited to Catholicism, nor are all Catholics this hypocritically dogmatic. This is a cultural thing: its all about heterosexual male dominance in a context of false machismo. It is also about having a need for highly visible social pariahs within the community, so that the everyday sinners can have a scapegoat on hand to make themselves feel better. Yesterday it was ‘miscegenation’ that posed a threat to the white-male-dominated social order, today it is homosexuality. In both cases, religion was used to justify the bigotry.

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