In my travels through the discussion boards of many a progressive or Democratic weblog, I have come across at least a few mentions of a particular, curious assertion. I have seen several wingnuts place the beginning of the ‘war on terror’ at October 23, 1983, in Beirut, Lebanon. That was the day that 241 U.S. Marines were killed by a suicide truck bomber while sleeping in their lightly guarded barracks. Now, usually this assertion is made without any context being given. Before I continue with this post, I urge you click on the following link and read the article there in it’s entirety:


The reason I have resurrected this story is because the U.S. government has gotten it’s fingers deep into another politically sticky pie: Colombia. Of course, the details are entirely different. However, one important fact bears a striking similarity to an element of the 1983 Lebanon situation: the U.S. government has clearly chosen sides in a highly charged and somewhat chaotic armed conflict. Moreover, once again, the side they have chosen is arguably playing the role of the oppressor.


Will the Colombian situation result in a catastrophic end as did the Lebanon situation? That may well depend on how far the Bush administration thinks it’s ignorant figurehead’s professed ‘mandate’ will allow it to go. The arrogance the Bushies have displayed so far doesn’t inspire confidence in their wisdom, however.

For a time, I have wondered why no serious campaign of Latin America-based ‘terrorism’ has ever found it’s way to U.S. soil, especially given the sordid history of our nation’s oppressive and anti-democratic dealings in Latin America and the Caribbean. Perhaps the Bushies, with the strident imperial fascism that passes for their foreign policy, will finally provoke such an ugly eventuality. Make no mistake, though: should the beleaguered and downtrodden peoples of places like Haiti, Argentina, and Nicaragua ever decide to unleash their anger upon the primary source of their anguish, then we here in the States could be in for a hell that will make 9/11 look like a lover’s quarrel.

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