How is it that one man’s crusading career can have an entire industry seemingly quaking in it’s boots? So many pundits and critics boohoo Michael Moore’s filmmaking style and his opinions, but none of them have been able to impeach the facts he presents. More importantly, it seems that much of the negativity that is spewed at Moore comes from those whose complicity he exposes by asking questions that they are supposed be asking (I remember watching Katie Couric tell Moore that he was– and I paraphrase– ‘widely regarded as a jerk.’ Was that your opinion, Katie? Is it official NBC policy that Moore is a jerk, or did you conduct a nationwide opinion poll?)

Anyway, Moore’s latest project zeroes in on an industry that is already exposing itself as being little short of a criminal enterprise. The memos and directives are apparently flying: Don’t talk to Michael Moore. Well, if the pharmaceutical industry has nothing to hide, why not open their doors to the light of day? If they’re on the up-and-up, why not let us all see that? If there’s nothing dirty for Moore’s ‘negative approach’ to feast on, then why not let him make his movie with full access, then sue his pants off if he lies? Why all the cloak and dagger?

US drug industry nervous as Moore focuses on firms

Elaine Dutka

From bad to awful

Serious allegations about the behaviour of America’s Food and Drug administration are adding to the mounting woes of big drug firms

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