I know Cuba has a whole boatload of problems, but it is safe to say that it’s biggest by far is that it is in close proximity to the U.S. Still, I have a deep admiration for Cuban moxie, a feeling that grows exponentially everytime I learn more about Cuba’s history of fending off the hostile advances of it’s belligerent, often imperialistic northern neighbor.

When I read a story about the U.S. mission in Cuba putting up a ‘Christmas’ display ‘honoring’ a number of jailed Cuban dissidents, I couldn’t help but think of Camp X-Ray at Guantanamo. I also reckoned that I was witnessing yet another example of U.S. hypocrisy that would make a Pharisee blush.

Furthermore, I wondered what the Cubans would do to respond, other than make their disdain for the display publicly known. I read my answer this morning:

Cuba Erects Iraq Abuse Billboards Near US Mission

by Marc Frank

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  1. Anonymous says:

    The detainees at Gitmo are unlawful combatants (look that up in the Geneva Conventions, if you care). If you truly think that terrorists who fight from religious buildings and hospitals, don’t wear uniforms, and use civilians as shields are in any way comparable to the political prisoners of a totalitarian state, then you are completely beyond help.

  2. Even a blind dog finds a bone once in a whileOut of the hundreds of people who have been detained at Camp X-Ray, at least 202 have been released so far. Out of that number, only 10– a measly ten– are believed to have returned to combat ‘against the U.S.’ Now, of the remaining 192, 146 were released outright upon return to their respective countries. This means they were innocent, and in most cases weren’t combatants of any kind. So this makes your statement,”The detainees at Gitmo are unlawful combatants”, ridiculous on its face. Since you brought up the Geneva Conventions (I think that was an attempt at sarcasm, or I’m giving you too much credit), let’s look at the next part of your comment:” If you truly think that terrorists who fight from religious buildings and hospitals, don’t wear uniforms, and use civilians as shields”If this is a reference to the tactics used by insurgents in Iraq, then Congratulations! You are the proud parent of a bouncing baby non sequitur! Not only does it have nothing to do with the fighting in Afghanistan, which is waaay more complex than the general U.S. public was led to believe by the corporate whore media (see Ted Rall’s indepth, from-the-scene reporting in his book To Afghanistan and Back); your description does much to misrepresent what has happened so far in Iraq. In order to keep this from getting too long, I’ll make the logical connection for you. The Cuban display used photos from Abu Ghraib, not Camp X-Ray. As has been clearly determined (though you won’t hear it from Fox News or Rush Limbaugh), the U.S. effort to outdo Saddam Hussein’s torture reputation has swept up not only actual combatants, but hundreds (at least) of petty criminals and thousands of otherwise innocent human beings– many of them children. Gee, it kinda makes you wonder: when you consider that all of these unlawful detainments and tortures are being carried out by a military machine that has executed two successive illegal invasions of sovereign states, who really are the “unlawful combatants” here? Cuba is smelling like roses by comparison.You are absolutely correct about one thing. As far as my being able to see the world through your pathetically distorted, fascist kaleidoscope, I truly am “completely beyond help.” Not even a lobotomy could make me into that much of an ignorant asshole.

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