Many people look at the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, shrug their shoulders, and mutter the stupid line, “those people have been fighting each other for thousands of years.” Even hard-core Zionists and extremely militant Islamists (those in the know) are aware that the conflict has much more recent origins. I will give you a link to a story about how Israel helped to create one of its most effective current antagonists:

Hamas history tied to Israel

Now that you’ve read a bit about what Israel’s been up to, you might be asking, “why does the U.S., Israel’s chief backer, sit back and do nothing about this?” If you were a fair-minded visitor from another planet who caught sight of this situation for the first time, you might be totally puzzled by the sharp difference between the U.S.’s fundamental creed (freedom and democracy, blah blah blah) and its support of Israel’s colonial excesses.

Well, all you’d need to do to understand this would be to look at the founding and development of the U.S. It is a nation of settlers, invaders who by force took the lands (and lives) of the once-thriving nations that stood in the way of their dreams of empire. This use of force was not in any way noble, of course. Furthermore, our popular history completely whitewashes this extensive crime against humanity; the ends justify the means in spades. It is no surprise, therefore, that significant percentages of the U.S. population either support or are indifferent to their government’s colonial/imperial foreign adventures; all the government needs to do is throw a sloppy coat of pro-freedom and pro-democracy propaganda over their bloody designs, and the majority of the people either cheer or go back to their sitcoms. Like the “Indians” before them, the outgunned and hapless (and usually brown) people in the cross-hairs of U.S. foreign policy are left to defend themselves and their homes against the beacon of democracy’s unchecked avarice.

Happy fucking Thanksgiving.

Palestinians and Native Americans

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