As has been reported quite widely in the world media, Iraqi citizen and stalwart aid worker Margaret Hassan has likely been murdered by a person or persons as yet unknown in Iraq. Who committed this crime? Well, veteran Middle East correspondent Robert Fisk stops just a rat’s whisker short of fingering the most likely culprits:

Margaret Hassan’s Suspected Execution Will Be Seen As ‘Proof’ of Evil

by Robert Fisk

Perhaps because he is a responsible journalist and doesn’t want to make accusations without solid evidence, Fisk has refrained from openly accusing the Bush administration and their actors in Iraq from perpetrating Hassan’s abduction and murder as part of their anti-insurgency propaganda campaign. It is obvious, though, that if they can successfully demonize the Iraqi resistance, then the Bushies can more easily get away with just about anything in their continuing quest to stabilize Iraq as an oil-rich colonial outpost.

Of course, with so few independent journalists on the ground in Iraq, it is difficult to dig up any evidence on what the Bushies and their puppets are up to. Considering the dynamics of the ever-consolidating U.S. corporate media universe, it is even more unlikely that any uncovered evidence will see much daylight here in the U.S. This means that we are– so far– left with little more than highly informed conjecture regarding the motivations and actions of the imperial axis in Iraq.

However, given what we do know, how likely is it that Hassan’s murder was orchestrated by the Bush administration? According to Fisk, and any journalist not on his knees under the corporate media desk, Iraq is a chaotic maelstrom of violence; there are perhaps dozens of groups, ranging from nationalist insurgents to criminal gangs, who are wielding weapons in Iraq right now. Which one of them might have had a motive to kill Hassan without taking pains to identify themselves or their goals? If we are to look at the track record of the Bushies in their latest Iraq adventure, we can find a number of points that heap the lion’s share of suspicion in the Hassan murder on their guilty heads:

  1. The initial invasion was predicated on misinformation (otherwise known as lies). Anyone with internet access and a working brain now knows that Iraq didn’t possess any WMD, much less a conventional military capable of posing an “imminent” threat to the U.S. or its allies. Just about all of the other rotating justifications for the invasion have proven false.
  2. Jessica Lynch. If the Bushies would stoop to using one of their own injured soldiers as a propaganda tool (even endangering her life in the process), we can imagine what they might be willing to do with a bleeding heart aid worker.
  3. Iyad Allawi. One look at this guy’s resumé, and you can bet he’d be willing to use his expertise to arrange such a heinous P.R. stunt.
  4. John Negroponte. The Bush administration’s ‘ambassador’ to Iraq has proven himself as a reliable facilitator of human rights atrocities. He likely has experience in giving the O.K. on murders of U.S. citizens. Would he really lose sleep over offing an Irish-born Iraqi citizen?
  5. The unchecked criminal element in Iraq. If there are organized criminal elements willing and able to kidnap people for ransom– and ready to display their ruthlessness in the process– what’s to say they wouldn’t stage the murder of a prominent humanitarian aid worker for the right price?
  6. November 2, 2004. Satisfied with at least the accepted assumption of an election victory, the Bush administration will now most certainly carry itself with even more ‘swagger.’ Like power-drunk imperial governments past, this administration has clearly demonstrated its sociopathic personality. The Bushies have open contempt for such abstractions of civilization as rule of law, justice, and democratic transparency. Why bother with doing the right thing when a few cheap slogans and P.R. stunts will get the majority of the voting public to look the other way while you do wrong?

I believe that the Bush administration, like the Nixon administration before it, will likely go down in flames before its term is up. Unless the majority of the electorate really is as stupid as it seemed on November 2, I don’t think the Bushies will be allowed to continue their downward path much longer; the closer the shit gets to our collective nose, the harder it will be to ignore that we’re going down a sewer. It is unfortunate that so many more innocent people, like Margaret Hassan, will have to suffer and die before our beer-guzzling, cigarette-puffing, Hummer-driving, McDonald’s-scarfing public gets off its gelatinous ass and decides to earn the high moral creed that it never fails to congratulate itself for.

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