The popular history of this country, at least as it is most often taught in our pathetic educational system, helps to develop citizens who are largely ignorant of their own nation’s development. This also means that they remain unaware of how our system of government truly works (not the structure, but the workings of its mechanisms). This pattern of ignorance seems to preclude comprehension not only of our foreign policy, but of our domestic policies as well.

The corporate-run mass media operate as facilitators and purveyors of this well-established ignorance. If you are thinking that there should be some sort of regulation by our federal government of the veracity and ethics of news outlets (after all, whether on broadcast or cable, they must all maintain licenses with the FCC), then you are probably correct.

However, consider this: CBS was fined a record $550,000 for a brief, inadvertent, and, in my opinion, unimpressive flash of a naked breast during the halftime show of the Super Bowl (never mind, for the moment, that gratuitous displays of organized violence are acceptable, but breasts are not). How much do you think a TV network would be fined for intentionally broadcasting a false news report? If a brief flash of nudity is unacceptable content on our airwaves, then how much more so must deliberate dishonesty and misinformation be? In a purportedly open and free society, what is more worthy of dogged protection: some people’s Victorian sensibilities, or the unadulterated flow of valuable information to the public? Read the following article to find out:


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