It appears that, in the final days and hours before the most important election of our lifetime, the Bushies are leaving no scum-covered stone unturned in their latest effort to defecate on our democratic process.

If there’s one thing we can say about cockroaches, rats, and other vermin, it is that they usually scurry from the light. This, of course, means that independent, non-corporate-whore journalists are persona non grata in the Bushies’ world. That’s why the U.S. military was ordered to target and murder non-embedded journalists in Afghanistan and Iraq, and that’s why James S. Henry was given the Gestapo treatment the other day in Florida:

Deputy tackles, arrests journalist for photographing voters

By Jane Daugherty

Upon further reflection, I believe I went a bit too far in my comparison of certain non-human creatures to the Bush administration. My humblest apologies to all rats.

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