Arnold Schwarzenegger, at a campaign rally in Ohio (packed with rabid, kool-aid drinking Bush supporters), prefaced one gushing passage of simplistic right-wing, macho rhetoric (which would have made his father proud) with the following statement:

“President Bush knows you can’t reason with people that are blinded by hate…”

Amen to that, Tinseltown tough-guy. If you can get the stupid people riled up enough, silly little things like fact and reason lose their potency. The sad thing is, the Bushies haven’t really had to work too hard to stir up the blind, logic-lite hatred in their loyal followers.

Visit the following story to see more of the type of vitriolic ignorance that is moving (if polls are to be believed) roughly half of the electorate to action:

Down with the Kerry haters

by Michelle Goldberg

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