here comes another one that I think will be worth watching.

For all those people you know who reflexively equate popular uprisings with ‘godless communism’ (a view especially shameful for well-fed union members– you know, the kind who will bitterly and collectively agitate for a more favorable contract, then go out and vote Republican; there are those of you who know glaring examples of exactly what I’m talking about), it is important to remember that the good life we enjoy today, the relatively benign and prosperous working conditions– even for many non-union workers– are the product of much struggle and sacrifice by workers of past generations.

Sadly, we see today that many of those hard-fought gains are slipping back into the pockets of a very small class of super-wealthy, greedy people; the worst part of it is that many working people have sold themselves and their brethren out through the democratic process. Maybe if people were able to see just how bad it can get– by watching the movie indicated above– they might be a bit more politically savvy. Maybe if they had an understanding of the democratic struggles that the working classes have experienced throughout U.S. history, then they might not be so quick to throw away their rights (and those of the less fortunate) for thirty pieces of silver and some diversionary cultural issues.

For anyone who happens to be in Chicago through January 15, 2005, I highly recommend an historical exhibit that offers a beginning to just such an understanding:

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