Right-wing harpy Ann Coulter seems locked in a desperate race to rhetorically out-scum herself. The mere fact that this woman has a public voice is definitive proof that the concept of a ‘liberal media’ is fallacious, at least in the mainstream sense.

During an October 21 screeching and sliming engagement at the University of Arizona, a couple of politically aware pranksters attempted to strike Coulter with cream pies. Alas, their physical aim was nowhere near as true as their moral aim: they missed. However, the mere attempt drew the following gem from Coulter (which I bring to you by way of Media Matters for America), which should give you an idea of her grasp of reality:

“[A]n act of terrorism was committed against me”

Right. If pie-throwing is an act of terrorism, then Three Stooges films should be required viewing in the al Qaeda University curriculum. Instead of giving you a link to the video of the aborted atrocity (where’s the fun in seeing them miss?), I will give you a photo of another shocking terrorist outrage:


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