I hate to jump to conclusions, but the following story bears watching (and I suggest you read it now):

Platoon Defies Orders in Iraq

Mississippi Soldier Calls Home, Cites Safety Concerns

by Jeremy Hudson

For well over a year now it has been obvious that the U.S. military under Dubya has gotten itself into a situation for which it is ill-prepared. One of the early debacles of the occupation was the shameful lack of body armor and properly protected vehicles for the thousands of troops we were all supposed to be supporting; out of the billions of dollars slated to pour into Iraq, why wasn’t adequate equipping of the much-lauded “volunteer soldier” made top priority?

It seems that the issue of improper supply and equipment still has yet to go away. This brings to mind yet another gem of hypocrisy from the Bush administration, whose ignorant figurehead had the nerve to (inaccurately) chide John Kerry for voting against funding for “supporting the troops.” How can people seriously be considering voting for this dangerous goofball? I remember Bill Clinton being regularly raked over the coals for being a ‘draft-dodger’ who ‘hated the military.’ What the hell do those dittoheads call this?

On a side note, one that I find most intriguing, it is noteworthy that one major corporate news outlet saw fit to put a black face on this developing story. I have a feeling that, subtly or no, the ‘racial’ composition of the unit in question already has, and will continue to have, a great impact on how the case is pursued by the government and their lapdogs in the corporate whore media. So much for the military being color-blind. For a bit of historical perspective on this particular dynamic, see the following story:

Port Chicago explosion still echoes 60 years later

Jason B. Johnson, Chronicle Staff Writer

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