As I often think to myself, this would be hilarious if it weren’t so real. When the Far Right Fascists are able to wield so much power over the dissemination of information and ideas, and they are able to spread lies all over the country (apparently with impunity), what does that say about the health of our ‘democracy’?

I suppose this is the sort of thing Michael Powell had in mind when he attempted to grease the wheels of corporate media consolidation. Anyway, take a gander for yourself (you’ll have to register– for free– at the L.A. Times’ website):

Conservative TV Group to Air Anti-Kerry Film

Sinclair, with reach into many of the nation’s homes, will preempt prime-time shows. Experts call the move highly unusual.

By Elizabeth Jensen

Quote of note: “The film…features former POWs accusing Kerry…of worsening their ordeal by prolonging the war.”

I can’t possibly put myself into the shoes of the former POWs in question, but could their judgments and memories be clouded by bitterness, cornball right-wing ideology, or a combination of the two? I mean, what else would cause them to blame John Kerry– one of many returning vets whose scathing testimony against the war helped to shorten it– for their troubles? For whatever reason, these guys obviously have forgotten all about Nixon and Kissinger. How convenient that a Moonie biographer was right there to tell their story.

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