(If only for a moment…)

I wonder how so many people can continue to support an executive administration that has been responsible for so much illegal, immoral, deadly, and catastrophic behavior in so short a time. How can they continue to accept the lies and distortions, even the ones that are so obvious as to be beneath contempt?

I believe that the answer lies somewhere in the midst of pro and college sports, ‘reality’ TV, shallow news reporting, and the like. We here in the U.S. are inundated with diversions and fantasies, to the point where it is easy to tune out or distort any uncomfortable or inconvenient aspects of reality. Our federal government, especially under the current watch, is fully aware of this, and they take full advantage. They have active partners in the corporate media conglomerates, of course.

Well, enough from me. Read the following story for a much more eloquent and informative take on this issue:

The Grief of Baghdad

by Evan Derkacz

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