Many thanks to Jeff J. for passing this one around:

Subject: my arrest for civil obedience

Hey Bart, Just thought I would pass this sadly true short story on to you.

In my job as a sales executive I take customers out to dinner all the time. The day that Yousef Islam (AKA Cat Stevens) got deported I was out with some Canadian customers for dinner at Gibsons, one of Chicago’s best steak houses. I will never eat there again.

After dinner we were waiting outside the door of Gibson’s for one of my customers. We started talkin about George Bush and the disbelief the Canadians had that he would actually get reelected. I yelled out “Bush SUCKS” to highlight my own disbelief and instantly a Chicago police officer was in my face telling me not to say another word.

I did not vocalize another word, yet mouthed “Bush Sucks”. I was instantly put in handcuffs and hauled away to jail, leaving my Canadian customers standing on the corner in greater disbelief. After they placed me in the police car the sales associate from Canada, an upstanding 60 year old man tried to talk to the police about me. The officer said that if he did not want to join me he should back away, which he understandably did.

When I got out of jail the next morning at 6AM I met the customers at their hotel and they all to a man offered to be witnesses at what they deemed an over zealous police officer. They also were in shock at the apparent lack of free speech in this country. I will be appearing in court on November 16th to answer the charge of disorderly conduct.

I was hoping that you could post this so that a legal minded reader of your site may contact me and represent me.

You may remember me from the Chicago pokerfest, I helped run one of the tables. I am really freaked out here and now know that I have to move back to Canada. I don’t want to leave the greatest country in the world, but I can’t help feel that this is 1933 and if I stay till 1937 it will be too late. If a man of peace such as Cat Stevens is not wanted here, than maybe I don’t want to be here either. At least not in jail for speaking my mind.

Trevor Y

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