Okay, so I know I promised to give some perspectives and what-not on Peru. That’s still coming, but I wanted to organize the photos (there are roughly 360 or so of them) and put them on the web somewhere so you can all peruse them at your leisure.

In the meantime, I was surfing this morning and my usual stream-of-consciousness drifting led me to a fascinating article that delineates the U.S. government’s (specifically, the Reaganites’) role in creating the very extremist Islamist threat that is supposed to have us all stupid with fear today. Don’t be fooled by the title: it is actually only marginally relevant, and it was written before it was discovered that the titular ex-NFLer was killed by his own men.

For more details about the SNAFU in which his death occurred, go here. To read the story that caught my attention this morning, click on the following headline:

The CIA Killed Pat Tillman


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