From Signs of the Times

The above mural adorns a wall along the Falls Road in West Belfast. It was drawn by normal working class citizens and members of the local community. It serves well to illustrate the fact that, despite the claims of our many (mainly American) detractors, we, and other so called “conspiracy theorists” are not the only ones who see clearly the truth about the nature of the current US regime.

The people who painted the mural, having experienced first hand the brutality, lies and media manipulation meted out to them by successive British governments and their agents, are well able to recognise tyranny when they see it. The average American, on the other hand, who, to date, has only ever experienced the effects of state aggression from the point of view of the aggressor and via a television screen, and only then under the guise of “freedom and democracy”, is generally unable to either understand the true nature of government or empathise with those that it systematically abuses and murders.

Due to this endemic lack of what might be called humanity, and the fact that they are constantly lied to and regularly manipulated via fear-based programming, Americans find themselves in the role of unwitting mouthpieces for their “elected” representatives and facilitators of their immoral plans. The real irony, of course, is that even a cursory look at history and human nature shows that such ‘useful idiots’, when they are no longer useful, themselves become the enemy and the object of the classic double-cross by their former allies.

(To see the actual mural, click on the hyperlink)

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