It does, however, get recycled quite thoroughly. We must really be so sated by Big Macs, cheap booze and tobacco, and expensive diversions that we can’t see how short a path it is from THIS:

The Rise of the Homeland Security State – Fortress Big Apple, Revisited

…Police vans with netting over the windows; helmeted riot gear-clad cops; NYPD “paddy wagons”; constant sirens; cops who shoved at us with their night-sticks; armed park police filming with camcorders; radios crackling information to uniformed officers outside almost any subway stop, on street corners, on subway platforms, and on the trains themselves; even those menacing, or sometimes just weary-looking, ultimate conscripts of the homeland security army, the police attack dogs on street patrol, didn’t fully hammer home the reality of Fortress Big Apple. What did was the 10′ by 20′ chain-link pen with razor wire over the top that I found myself in after being arrested for the crime of trying “to change trains,” as a Washington Post reporter wrote, after sitting “silently on a subway train going uptown” to “protest deaths in wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere…”

…to THIS:

or THIS:

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