Okay, so that is a rather egregious take on the old metaphor; I have my reasons, though.

As we all now know, Alan Keyes is running for the U.S. Senate in Illinois. Beside the fact that he lives in Maryland, there is plenty to be turned off about with Keyes. I’ll stick to one issue today, unless I happen to dig up something else of note later.

Check out this quote from Keyes’s website:

Strategic Plan to Renew America

A plan for building a grassroots movement that

will return America to its founding vision, with

Ambassador Alan Keyes the chief spokesman

The highlights are mine, and I focus on that particular phrase for a reason. I wonder if Keyes is actually familiar with the history of this nation’s founding. Is he aware that most of those who signed the Declaration of Independence were slaveholders?

I think any Illinois voters, African-American ones especially, should take this into account should they actually be considering casting a ballot for this well-educated lunatic. Someone who uses this much high-falutin’ rhetoric without paying attention to its substance should be avoided at all cost (at least at the ballot box). More on this later, when Keyes put his foot further down his pious mouth.

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