Okay, let’s review. Some weeks ago, a story broke (and was initially ignored by much of the corporate whore U.S. press) detailing how Pakistan’s security services reported that the Bush administration was pressuring them to capture some “high-value targets,” such as Osama bin Laden or Mullah Omar, before the U.S. elections in November of this year. Now, that story might have been dismissed as some as mere ‘conspiracy theory.’

Of course, when the Bushies made a big splash about their allies, the Pakistanis, having captured one of those “high-value targets,” that announcement came on the same day (Thursday, July 29) when John Kerry was supposed to be giving his acceptance speech at the Democratic convention in Boston. Lucky coincidence, you say? Well, it appears that the target in question, one Ahmed Khalfan Ghailani, had actually been captured over the previous weekend.

This week began with the Department of Fatherland Security making a huge announcement about al Qaeda operatives planning terrorist attacks on iconic U.S. financial institutions such as the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (Satan’s bean-counting minions live and work at these places; I, for one, would not miss them). Could it be that I am just whipping up conspiratorial hysteria when I suggest that the Bush administration is merely starting out the weekly news cycle with a stunt to keep up the fear and keep their poll numbers from sliding toward John Kerry? Sometimes, it helps to read the fine print. I’ll give you an excerpt, but you really should read the entire story (you may have to register with the New York Times, but it is free and easy to do). Consider, as you read, that millions of dollars were spent beefing up security at the allegedly targeted sites. Keep in mind, too, that all of the “officials” mentioned in the story are Bush administration officials.

Reports That Led to Terror Alert Were Years Old, Officials Say

A sizable part of the information seized in Pakistan described reconnaissance carried out before the Sept. 11 attacks, officials said. The documents do not indicate who wrote the detailed descriptions of security arrangements at the financial buildings or whether the surveillance was conducted for a current operation or was part of preparations for a plan that was later set aside.

In a briefing on Sunday, a senior intelligence official said that the threat to the financial institutions “probably continues even today.”

Federal authorities said on Monday that they had uncovered no evidence that any of the surveillance activities described in the documents was currently under way. They said officials in New Jersey had been mistaken in saying on Sunday that some suspects had been found with blueprints and may have recently practiced “test runs” aimed at the Prudential building in Newark.

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