I just finished watching a special report on Free Speech TV’s website.  The report, hosted by David Barsamian, was, for me, a brief but sobering look at the history of the Israeli state, and the impact of that state upon the Palestinian Arab people.  (If you have RealPlayer, you can watch the program here.  If not, you can download RealPlayer here.)


The key point that I took away from watching the report is just how little we in the U.S. know about what is really happening over there in Palestine.  One thing Barsamian mentioned is an idea I often hear repeated:  “Ah, those people have been fighting each other for thousands of years…”  Nothing could be further from the truth.  As the report mentions, while anti-Jewish sentiments had been running very strong in Europe for centuries, Palestinian Arabs and Jews had been living in relative peace and mutual tolerance for some time.  For more on that issue, just watch the program. 


Back to the key point, though.  One of the rationales given for the necessity of a viable Jewish state in the Middle East is the grim historical specter of the European Holocaust.  While this rationale certainly holds a great deal of water, it does not justify what Israel has been doing to the Palestinian Arabs for decades.  While Israel is certainly not alone in shouldering the blame for the fate of the Palestinians, they of all people should understand the satanic implications of engaging in genocide.


I give you some readings on the topic:


United Nations report: Israeli forces have inflicted a “reign of terror”


Samantha Power, the author of “A Problem From Hell,” explores why America—the home of Holocaust awareness—did all but nothing to stop the genocides of the twentieth century

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