Well, here it is. The predominantly right-wing and ‘centrist’ Congress can’t be relied upon, especially in an election year, to take the executive branch to task over its lies regarding the mad dash to war in Iraq. I mean, its not like G.W. Bush lied about anything so important as a blow job.

However, the U.S. electorate can do something. It can vote these jackals out of office. By November, there will be no excuse for casting a vote in favor of the unlawful incumbent. At least not the excuse of ignorance. While there has been much parsing and backpedaling over what the Bushies really meant when they were emphatically announcing the choice between invasion of Iraq and a Saddam Hussein-instigated armageddon, the following link will take you to a clear case of a key Bushie official being caught in his lies.


Anyone who votes Republican in the next election is either incredibly stupid, willfully and criminally ignorant, or just plain bad.

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