Well, its a good thing Jane Fonda was around. That way we can focus on her self-admitted stupidity, without paying any attention to the architects of the Vietnam disaster. These men were directly responsible for trumping up the war in the first place, and sending all those millions of men and women into a faraway place to kill and be killed. See how this works?

Without an illegal and unjust war, you don’t get out-of-touch (even if well-meaning) knuckleheads screaming obscenities at the poor schmucks whose only crime was agreeing to kill without question. So, instead of harping on Jane Fonda, who didn’t hold office and didn’t make policy, why not vent a little steam at people like Henry Kissinger, JFK, LBJ, Nixon, and McNamara, who got us into that mess in Southeast Asia? Why not spit a bit of venom at chickenhawks like Robert Novak (yes, that Robert Novak), who filled many a column inch telling an ignorant U.S. public what a great idea the Vietnam War was, even though he never got within an ICBM’s throw of the dangers U.S. soldiers were facing?

No, it’s so much easier to pick on poor, ‘stupid,’ treasonous Jane (who, by the way, couldn’t give less of a shyt what any of you think, as she’s safely ensconced within the financial nirvana of the Ted Turner fortune). That’s the problem with this ‘democracy’ we have here. Too many of you people are so stubbornly focused on relatively trivial issues of culture and personality that you don’t bother to pay attention to who’s really doing what, how they’re doing it, and why. Its so much easier to focus on Janet Jackson’s tit or the apocalyptic spectre of gay marriage.

Look at it this way: if you spent half as much time and energy paying attention to the self-serving arseholes who start these bloody wars as you do picking on the protestors, there would be no protestors in the first place, because there would be no wars.

But, hey, never mind me. If you hurry, you might catch the latest Martha Stewart update on CNN.


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