I remember the days leading up to the invasion of Iraq. Aside from the Bush administration’s ham-fisted attempts to justify its impending trampling of the Nuremberg Treaty, there was much ballyhoo about the nature of the fighting force that was about to be deployed in our nation’s latest foreign misadventure. I remember a rather informal debate– I think it was on PBS– between Rep. Charles Rangel (D-MI) and Rep. Mark Kirk (R-IL).

At the time, Rangel was bandying about the idea of reinstating the draft. His reasoning was that if everyone, including the sons of the wealthy and influential (for whom wars are fought), would be expected to face the dangers of combat, then those in power would be less inclined to beat the drums of war. Kirk responded by saying that the ‘volunteer professional’ U.S. military was highly motivated, especially because those serving really wanted to be there. Kirk, who is an Air Force Reserve pilot, thought that a draft would result in lower morale and a less efficient fighting force. At least Kirk didn’t piss on the efforts of Vietnam-era draftees like Donald Rumsfeld did.

I recall the above episode for this purpose: the draft is going to be reinstated. How do you know? you ask. Well, I don’t actually know. I am merely supposing that there will eventually be a draft, assuming that the Bush administration gets another four years to overextend the U.S. military in more foolhardy imperial adventures. If you think I’m pulling this off the top of my head, or from a darker corner in the nether regions of my anatomy, I offer the following bits of evidence:

The above items were part of the packet I received after expressing interest in being appointed to a local draft board. Now, the obvious question is, why would the Selective Service be trying to fill draft boards across the country if they weren’t planning to hold a draft?

For more on this story, check this link.

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