The point I was making in the last post was that the last threadbare excuse for marching all those U.S. soldiers into Iraq, regime change followed by the democratization of that beleaguered state, is starting to look as pathetically plastic as all the other lies.

Iraq is a pasted-together state that was created by the West for the primary purpose of facilitating the westward flow of oil. Saddam Hussein came to power (and was long supported by large oil-hungry interests, including the U.S., U.K., and now-defunct USSR) because, like his hero Stalin, he was a man who was able to ‘get things done.’ His efficiently inhumane brutality was seen as an asset, not a detriment, and any condemnations of him by his largest sponsors was hypocritical lip service at best.

With the breakup of the Soviet Union, there was no longer a balance of power for Saddam Hussein to play against. The neocons couldn’t wait to get their grubby little imperial hands on this resource-rich strategic gem, and they felt it was time to get rid of their troublesome middle man once and for all. I guess the world wasn’t ready for the U.S. to colonize Iraq just yet, so Bush I pulled up short after baiting Saddam into his Kuwait blunder then beating him back into Baghdad. Clinton, the most effective Republican president our nation has ever seen, still had no intention of putting troops into Iraq (maybe this is one of the reasons he was so virulently attacked by the right?). The neocons had to wait until 2001, when the shenanigans in Florida (combined with Al Gore’s inability to distinguish himself from the greater evil) resulted in the royal sham we all know as the second Bush administration. The conveniently apple-cart-upsetting events of 9/11 gave the neocons all the domestic political impetus they’d need to join Nazi Germany as the next great aggressive invader of a non-threatening sovereign state.

Now that all the “imminent threat” bullshyt has been swept aside, the Bush administration has us all stuck in a situation that no amount of lying or arrogance will get us out of. This story of decidedly anti-democratic behavior on the part of the occupying government is further proof of the nakedly imperial, exploitative aims of the neocon Bushies.

This is my soapboxing for the day.

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