Today, in keeping with my continuing efforts to maintain an ambition-free life of laziness and leisure, I offer you various thoughts that I shall reprint from posts I made at

“Remember when little Georgie was campaigning for prez? Remember all the chatter flying around the right-wing media (redundancy, I know) about how the military was unprepared for combat? No matter how I look at this logically, I find so much culpability for every soldier’s death resting on the hands of the Bush administration. How many soldiers died while Clinton was in office? Now, I didn’t like Clinton myself. I thought he was the most dangerous kind of right-wing imperialist: the kind who walked and quacked like a populist. He was charming the pants off the left and center while giving them an arse-boffing that should have made the most strident rightie blush. (Can you say NAFTA? How about the War on Drugs?) Of course, the irony of that is that the right-wing tried to bring down Clinton for lying about a harmless, consensual, non-metaphorical f–king. Go figure, and I digress.

How many of these wing-nuts do you see screaming about the Republican push to cut medical benefits and combat pay for soldiers, even while new disabled vets are being churned out daily? How many of them do you see lining up to protest while the Bush administration begs for more taxpayer dollars to funnel to its wealthy corporate buddies, while soldiers have to buy their own armor in case they get shot, then buy their own meals in the hospital after they get shot? Oh, no, so many of these high-minded patriots are saving their righteous indignation for those of us who want an end brought to this deadly game of Middle East Monopoly. In the twisted logic that becomes this flock of sheep in wolves’ clothing, those of us who never wanted our soldiers sent into an unnecessary, immoral, and illegal war in the first place are responsible for the soldiers’ deaths, because our sense of outrage and desire for justice somehow helps the Iraqi insurgents get better aim with their RPGs.

Well, I know I’m going to set aside a few shekels in case one of my friends gets shipped over there (or into the next stop of the Bush/Rumsfeld Empire Tour). I’d like him/her to have the best body armor money can buy. Maybe I’ll deduct it from my income taxes.”

“I didn’t vote for Bush, and I didn’t vote for Gore, and that doesn’t matter.

That old slavery-era compromise, the electoral college, was installed in order to protect the interests of a wealthy minority. As it turns out, even that wasn’t enough to sneak Bush into the highest office of the “bastion of democracy.” Just for good measure, brother Jeb and his whore Katherine Harris rigged the Florida elections by illegally tossing thousands of eligible (and black and Democratic) voters off the rolls ahead of time. Thanks to the conservative majority in the U.S. supreme court, carefully crafted over the years of Reagan/Bush/Republican-congressional-control, the fact that the will of the (Democratic) voters was being trampled on in Florida, and that the Florida Supreme Court had decided that the recount should continue, was made irrelevant. So much for the conservative mantra of “states’ rights.” I guess if its got no nigras it wants to enslave or discriminate against, a state’s rights ain’t all that important no more. Aw, shucks!

Anyway, we’re in this mess because the Democrats rolled over and played dead for that farce (Democrats including that pansy Al Gore, who couldn’t even win his home state in the election), and most of them have been playing dead ever since. Even now, with political blood in the water, few of them have the balls to take the offensive. Where’s Cynthia McKinney when you need her? Oh, I forgot. She got voted out in Georgia, where a majority of the voters were stupid enough to vote for a draft dodger because an incumbent, who’d lost three limbs in Vietnam, wasn’t patriotic enough. God Bless Merrka.

Mark my words: if there are four more years of Bush, you ignorant wanks are going to get what you deserve.”

“Actually, a shytload of the money that is funneled to the DoD just vanishes. That’s right, billions of dollars are just plum unaccounted for. This isn’t even getting into the money that is wasted on such albatrosses as the Osprey, the Joint Strike Fighter or Missile Defense. Remember back in the Reagan era, when the stories about the $800. toilet seat covers came out? If the military were required to operate under the strict fiscal restraints that are forced onto some of our public schools, then maybe there would be more funds allocated to the soldiers who most deserve it. Of course, that could only happen if warfare, as carried out by our government, were something other than an imperial money-making apparatus. In summation, the problem isn’t that there isn’t enough money. The problem lies in how the money is being spent. And that problem has its roots in the general culture of the military/industrial complex, which a retired WWII general named Eisenhower once warned us about.”

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