Just a quick thought for the day:

Lately I’ve noticed how all of the hawks at my job seem to be totally silent about the whole Iraq/”war on terror” thing. When the bombs were falling and the initial shooting was happening, there was not quite cheering, but there seemed to be a sort of unquestioned support (of what the Bush administration was doing) from those who watched the corporate media’s imbedded, whorish TV coverage of the events. Now that the quagmire is oozing up, and chaos and daily U.S. troops deaths are now par for the course, there is total silence regarding the events overseas. Now everyone’s paying attention to the other spring/summer sport, baseball. Hey, can you blame them? The Cubs are battling for first place, and it seems that their management is more competent than that currently giving the U.S. military their marching orders. The Cubs’ front office has done just about all that can be reasonably expected to provide their perennial diamond doormats with the personnel they need to achieve victory right to the end. Its an horrible shame that the poor lads chewing hot sand and dodging sniper and rocket fire half a world away– ostensibly in the cause of protecting our freedoms– haven’t been given the same consideration by their ‘management.’

A presidential election approaches, people. Come 2004, let’s remember what’s really important, and make sure we vote accordingly. If enough sensible and compassionate people go to the polls in November of next year, we can make sure that all the shenanigans Jeb can pull in Florida won’t be enough to sneak his smirking empty suit of a brother back into the Oval Office.

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