It is now fairly obvious to me that Saddam Hussein’s drastically depleted military had very little with which to put up a fight, including the appropriately ambiguous “WMD.” The sole argument that the Bush administration offered to the UN for their need to invade Iraq was for preemptive action against a dire, “imminent threat.” The question remains: if Saddam Hussein had ever intended to use these weapons, why didn’t he order his forces to do so when his back was to the wall, when he knew his days were numbered? If these weapons (which according to the UN inspectors didn’t exist and couldn’t have been delivered to the U.S., anyway, with Hussein’s available firepower) were as plentiful and ready-to-use as Colon Bowell told the UN, why haven’t any been found? The only tangiential excuse remaining is that there was a danger of Saddam Hussein distributing these weapons to “terrorist groups.” If that is the case, then there is a laundry list of nations who might possess chemical or biological weapons and might have felt in a safe position to supply such materials to “terrorist groups.” Why focus on a country that was already surrounded, hounded, and under the microscope?

On another level, I don’t believe that the war is simply about Iraq’s oil alone. It is about the neocons’ version of the domino theory. Bulldoze Iraq today, and tomorrow you can bully the Saudis, the Syrians, the Iraqis, or any other Arabs who might be thinking of acting against U.S. interests. The Guardian’s misinterpretation and mangling of Wolfowitz’s commentary notwithstanding, the Bush administration’s justifications for violating the letter and spirit of international law smell like hot, steaming bullshit. In my opinion, only someone deeply ignorant of the shape of the planet, or someone caught up in the white-might-makes-right neocon national chauvinism of the post-9/11 Bush administration is buying the “war-to-make-peace” justifications at this point. Who will you all blame when (Malcolm X, forgive me for this) the chickens come home to roost this time?

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