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Dear Sirs,

It is with a somewhat heavy heart that I write this letter to you; I fear that it is too late, or irrelevant besides.

Our nation has been hijacked by a cabal of individuals who have used the highest office of our land, after securing it under circumstances which were dubious at best, for the purpose of enriching and empowering their wealthy friends and acquaintances. Of course, much of this enrichment and empowerment has been done through actions that have served to greatly benefit the extremely wealthy and the corporate culture in general, at the expense of our vital governmental infrastructures. In the process of misusing our democracy for their own ends, these individuals have quite possibly (either through neglect or cynical, malicious intent) left the door open for one of the worst terrorist attacks our nation has ever seen. They have since stirred up the indignation with which the American people responded to that act and used this emotional frenzy to further their self-serving agenda, in the process running roughshod over our Constitution, international law, and quite a few things that most religious faiths would find holy.

There are so many questions that need to be asked of these people, and I will not bother to enumerate many of them here. Here is a brief sampling:

Who was really responsible for the attacks of September 11, 2001? If it was this mysterious “al Qaeda,” why have none of those who are in custody, ostensibly for being conspirators in that organization, been brought to trial? Is there really no way to allow real justice to see the light of day without endangering the nation, or is there another reason for all this continued secrecy?

Why are U.S. troops in Iraq? I listened to the UN weapons inspectors give what was to be their final report early this month, and they made it very clear that Iraq posed no clear and present danger to the world, especially to our nation, which was well out of the reach of Saddam Hussein’s remaining ‘arsenal.’ How has the Bush administration been able to get away with lie after lie attempting to justify military invasion of Iraq, when the truth belying its justifications is readily available for public consumption? If the real reason for invading Iraq and killing countless more of its children is the liberation of the Iraqi people through the removal of Saddam Hussein’s regime, why have so many in the Bush administration, for so long, been doing everything legal (and a few things not) to help that tyrant retain and strengthen his grip on the beleaguered citizens of Iraq ?

As more and more people are laid off from jobs that pay a living wage, how can the Bush administration’s plans to expand corporate and über-wealthy largesse possibly continue to be treated with anything but hostility and scorn?

I could go on, but I believe I have made myself clear enough. The corporate-controlled media continue to fail miserably their supposed mission of shedding light on the dealings of our democracy; the hand-picked, clearly partisan U.S. Supreme Court has repeatedly proven its unreliability in matters of national significance (neither the first nor the last of which was the highly contentious and suspect decision to install George W. Bush as our 43rd President). The checks and balances that were designed to protect our system of government from corrupting itself have all but failed. The most distressing part of this is that our elected representatives in Congress, seemingly regardless of party affiliation, have done little other than to rubber-stamp the renegade executive branch’s policies.

Gentlemen, this is where you come in. I beseech you to stand up and publicly challenge this administration before it really is too late. I refuse to believe that the morally charged fervor with which every minute detail of our 42nd President’s sexual indiscretions were combed through and brought to light cannot be mustered for an executive branch that has proven its willingness to disregard our constitution and international law, violating the precious freedoms of citizens and non-citizens alike, and presiding over the deaths of thousands of innocents and an as-yet undetermined number of our brave military personnel, in pursuit of their imperial aspirations. The time has come for you to get together and draw up articles of impeachment for George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, John Ashcroft, and Donald Rumsfeld. The troops are well-trained, and their leadership will remain strong. The mission in Iraq can be turned into something that befits a nation that calls itself a democracy and claims to desire democracy and freedom for others; this can be done, but it can only be done if men and women of conscience and empathy lead our nation. We can protect our nation from terrorist attacks without savaging the freedoms that we claim to hold dear, and this end would best be served by not visiting our own brand of terror upon the vulnerable citizens of smaller, weaker countries.

The tragic lessons of history, of fallen empires past, are written in stone for us all to learn from. Gentlemen, you have been elected to help lead our democracy, and it is time for you to lead us away from the tragedy and disaster toward which our hubris has steered us.


Church Secretary

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