The Bush faux presidential administration seems to be sticking to its PR ‘strategy’ of utilizing rotating rationalizations for attacking Iraq. The only one that even remotely makes any sense (albeit when viewed in an historical vacuum) is that Saddam Hussein is a ruthless, brutal dictator whose regime must be removed for the sake of the Iraqi people. On its face, I absolutely agree with this rationale. Hussein has got to go. The problem with this rationale, when viewed from an adequate perspective by thinking people, is that– well, let me amuse myself by offering you a strained analogy:

Let’s say that a wealthy, influential individual hires your cousin Ed to take over your house. Ed, along with his gang of thugs, takes the job, and promptly murders your husband/wife and begins raping your daughter and your dog. He starts a violent feud with your next-door neighbor (who, you later discover, is also on the payroll of the wealthy individual), and soon the standard of living in both households, not to mention the social climate, deteriorates to even more intolerable levels. Eventually, Ed gets too full of himself and does some things that piss off the wealthy individual, who sends another gang of hoods to beat the crap out of Ed’s goons (of course, this action further decimates your house; your daughter dies in the midst of the violence). This new, tougher gang of hoods stops just short of taking out Ed and his most loyal goons, and departs with the promise to keep an eye on Ed. Ed is allowed to do whatever he wants within the house, which, of course, doesn’t stop Ed from brutalizing what’s left of your family at will. One day, the wealthy individual suddenly announces that Ed has become an intolerable menace, and must be finally disposed of. Here, my comrades, is the money question. Knowing what you know of how this wealthy individual has been involved in your misery, would you trust him to send his hoods into your house and make everything better?

Man, I love those strained analogies. However, I’ll give you access to an analogous bit of actual history. This set of links will provide you with extensive background of an earlier time when the U.S. government said it was going to conduct an unprovoked war in order to free an innocent people from tyranny. Have at it, good people.

On an unrelated note, I give you Hamish the Highland Bull, whose gentle bovine self is being fed by a lovely young lass who shall remain nameless (lest she squash me like a bug in her vengeance). The photo was taken at Callander, Scotland.

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