Saddam Hussein is a petty thug and dictator who was helped into prominence by U.S. foreign policy. If you’ll study non-Fox-News-Channel history, you’ll clearly see that Hussein would be nowhere today if the U.S. government hadn’t been so interested in keeping the Arabs at each other’s throats (in order to keep them from uniting and driving up the price of oil). Utilizing foreign policy that would have made the serpent in the Garden blush, the U.S. clearly played both sides in the Iran/Iraq war, all the while giving Hussein access to whatever the Soviets wouldn’t give him, including the chemical and biological weapons he is erroneously credited with using against “his own people” (who were, and still are, actually Kurdish separatists who don’t consider themselves Iraqis, anyway). At any rate, Hussein’s ability to wage war is vastly diminished, largely due to his blunder of taking on the U.S. in the “Gulf War” in 1991.

Hussein can hardly be believed to possess any functioning nuclear devices, especially since an illegal Israeli attack destroyed Iraq’s not-yet-operational “nookyelar” reactor in 1981 (link here). As to his continued possession of substantial levels of chemical and biological weapons, the only authorities who continue to claim to have no doubts about Hussein’s ability and willingness to use such weapons are the governments of the United States and Britain (and any other little peewees they’ve managed to bribe or bully). Given the ties of most of the Bush administration to the oil industry, as well as their imperial aspirations (these have become more transparent in the days since 9/ll; kind of makes a thinking person wonder why the Bush cabal doesn’t want anyone looking too closely at the intelligence ‘failures’ that made those attacks possible), it isn’t too surprising that they, along with their bootlicking, imperial has-been buddies in British government, are so hard-pressed to take control of Iraq.

Another way of looking at it is far less speculative. If every Republican’s favorite house negro, Colin Powell, isn’t lying through his teeth, and the Bush people have evidence that Saddam Hussein is skillfully shuffling around and hiding massive amounts of deadly doomsday weapons, then why don’t they share that info with the U.N.inspectors, instead of going on international TV with a goofy presentation made up of lies and suppositions? Also, if Saddam Hussein is so hell-bent on destroying the world with his deadly toys, why hasn’t he done so already? Why didn’t he do so after the UN withdrew its inspectors in 1998?

The truth is that the Iraqi people, and some of their closest neighbors, are the only true victims of Saddam Hussein’s megalomania, as well as of U.S., British, and Soviet complicity in his crimes. Bush went on TV and insisted that his own regime is only interested in peace, all the while amassing weaponry and mercenary forces around Iraq, while any concrete evidence of danger, imminent or otherwise, has yet to be discovered. This is brazenly dishonest rhetoric that reminds me of the crap Hitler spewed while justifying Germany’s ‘liberation’ of the Sudetenland. And for those of you who think the U.S. executive branch would never instigate a war of naked aggression, THINK AGAIN.

There. I’ve gotten that out of my system for today. Now I can go work out. Rant at you again soon.

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