HYPOCRISY ALERT: I probably won’t use the preceding phrase any longer, at least not when describing the words or actions of anyone involved in the current faux-presidential administration: it is obviously redundant. That notwithstanding, I was just reading Tom Tomorrow‘s weblog, and saw this link that he posted yesterday. How anyone can sing the praises of this administration is anyone’s guess.

Wait, I’ll hazard one, while I’m thinking about it. I was at the gym this morning, and “The View” was on many of the TV screens that are suspended from the ceiling above the workout floor (since I began my membership at this particular club, I’ve really gained an appreciation for just how pathetic daytime television is. Later, we can discuss how I’m able to spend so much of the normal workday in the gym, but that’s not important right now). I’ve come to the conclusion that “The View” is not vapid and wretched by accident. Its a very effective propaganda tool (much like “Today,” “Good Morning America,” and all of their national and local clones), designed by the corporate media giant Disnazi– I mean Disney (the company that once hired Wernher von Braun)– in order to keep the minds of American daytime TV viewers dulled and uncritical (is that redundant?).

I digress. The point is that, through the miracle of closed captioning, I got to ‘hear’ that ignorant c— Joy Behar lash out at all of Canada for the remarks of Francoise Ducros (the director of communications in President Jean Chretien’s cabinet). What did Ms. Ducros say? In reference to George W. Bush, she is reported to have said (off-camera), “what a moron.” Yet another public servant gets the shaft for speaking the plain truth.

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