Today I’ve been mulling over whether or not to actually write about anything specific, as this is one of those days where all the news I read seems to confirm my worst fear– namely, that the world is spiraling down toward an irredeemable state of calamitous chaos. Oh, well. I reckon I’ll just be true to my lazy form and give you a couple of links to stories which I believe are closely related. The first story concerns a 15-year African-American NYPD veteran who was canned for publicly stating the obvious about the Amadou Diallo murder. The second story pertains to Frederick Finley, who was murdered outside a Dearborn, Michigan shopping mall by security guards employed at the Lord & Taylor department store there. He was beaten and strangled to death after defending his 11-year-old daughter from the physical brutality of the guards. The reason for the guards’ fatal belligerence? They suspected Mr. Finley’s daughter of stealing a $4 bracelet.

I suppose after you read the two stories you might think that some kind of justice has been done. But, as the families of Mr. Diallo and Mr. Finley would be sure to point out, their loved ones are still dead, and no one has been punished for their murders. Alas… I guess law and order really have little or nothing to do with justice in this country, especially if you happen to have been born with brown skin.

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